Are you thinking of hiring this amazing Tesla Model S Hire for chauffeur service? Here are some amazing features of Tesla Model S Car that you probably didn’t know!

This stunning car is absolutely packed with technology, from cameras to a built-in touch screen for bored passengers. There are tonnes of hidden features which are loved by the customers, but we’ve selected few favourites with the Tesla Model S Hire.

tesla model s car hire

Tesla Model S Car Features

Traffic Safety Administration

The advanced safety features of the Tesla Model S Hire make it one of the safest cars. The passenger cabins of Teslas are so safe that it has been reported that it keeps the passenger safe even when the tree fell off the car’s roof. This is just to justify that these cars are incredibly safe, even when their technologies aren’t keeping an eye on you while you’re driving/riding down the road.

Standard Autopilot

The standard autopilot features enable an emergency lane departure facility. If you are driving/riding in your Tesla Model S car hire and some other vehicle and are about to change lanes into its way, or you’re about to come off the road, the Tesla standard autopilot feature of this car will steer out of harm’s way. The car will ultimately slow down and flash its hazard lights to warn other drivers that you could be in trouble.

Navigate on Autopilot

You will be amazed to know that the Tesla Model S amazing navigate on autopilot feature will drive you from one point to another using its navigation system on Autopilot too. This means that you can tell your Tesla Model S where to go and leave the rest on your car. This feature keeps your head and shoulders above your rivals as you will be driving without exactly doing it.

Infotainment System

We cannot talk about the tesla features without having a word on its amazing infotainment system. This will lighten the mood while driving or riding. Moreover, your kids will surely love a ride in the new Tesla Model S Hire. The emission testing Easter egg can make a range of sounds like fart noises which your kids will love. However, it won’t make your car smell. Lol.

Climate Control

If you are travelling with your partner, perhaps you could switch on Romance Mode to create the right mood. A little warmth from the climate control system and perfect music, and you could set the right mood for your dinner date as you go to the pub, club, restaurant for your entertainment.

Big Screen

When the car is parked, your kids can play amazing games using the actual steering wheel. The Tesla Model S makes will serve as a game control console that you just won’t find anywhere else. You can even play a two-player game with the passengers using the controls on the screen to race you. Perfect for time pass while you put your electric car on charging or parking.

No Need Of Child lock

As you see in other cars there is a child lock system on the rear doors so that the kids don’t fall off whilst on the move. But with Tesla, even at a speed of over 4 mph, no doors will be operable from inside and can be the only function when the car is stopped completely. Amazing! Isn’t it?

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