As the businesses have reopened and the world is seeking recovery, some are still wondering what the best way to travel effectively to work while reducing the risk and protecting themselves from the COVID-19 as it continues to affect people across the globe. Despite the World Health Organization’s efforts in providing valuable information that can help minimize the risks of COVID-19 to the public, there’s less understanding and knowledge when it comes to stepping out for business travelers using public, private vehicles or via taxi to work.

Transportation sectors, such as taxi/minicab providers, chauffeur service provider companies and similar are doing their best to keep their clients safe whilst moving. As soon as the travel restriction is lifted, chauffeur services are back in action with new normal travel rules and setup. New policies are made from the daily usual car cleaning to weekly disinfection and cross-contamination prevention by installing a partition between the driver and passenger seats. However, it takes more than the knowledge and practicing sanitization to minimize the chances of getting exposed to any virus causing diseases.

Are you looking for a taxi to work or taxi from London for business travels? Read further below and stay aware of how to minimize the risks of COVID-19 with your trusted driver.

Looking for a Taxi to or taxi from London for Work?

We understand that business has reopened and people are taking charge. But at the same time, you want to refrain from using public transportation and wish to choose a safe, clean and reliable transportation service. And this never has been more crucial than now. And in this, your safety is our top priority. Whilst we continue to follow Public Health England (PHE) guidelines, our topmost priority is to give you offer you a clean sanitised taxi to London or a taxi from London and peace of mind so that you can travel in peace.

minimize the risk of covid 19

Best Ways to Minimize the Risk of Covid-19 

We would also suggest – 

  • Anyone with symptoms of COVID19 should not travel and should self isolate the following government guidelines
  • With increasing COVID cases, passengers should only travel alone or with members of their household
  • Passengers should avoid touching the taxi and objects that are frequently touched as much as possible. This includes windows, doorknobs etc. and they must carry hand sanitizers wherever possible.
  • Passengers should sit on the rear seats and avoid sitting beside the driver
  • Passengers should ask the chauffeurs to open the windows as proper air circulation reduces the chances of cross-contamination

Booking a Vehicle From Justin Chauffeurs

Partition Between Driver and Passengers – Justin Chauffeurs ensures your safety by adding a partition between driver and passenger. You can ask for it while booking.

Contactless Payments

With our online booking facility, we enable the passenger to book online. And pay online via credit card and other online payment options avoiding the chances of contamination.

Clean Taxis

All our taxis are cleaned after each journey with antibacterial spray and wipes and also disinfected thoroughly on weekly basis.

Temperature Checked Drivers

We ensure your safety by offering you the best and healthy drivers who are temperature checked o a regular basis.

Our aim is to provide a safe taxi to and from London from door to door both into and out of the London area. This can be done with zero contact between driver and passenger. If you or your company are interested in this service, give us a call. Or if you would like to know more about us then please do not hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to assist you!

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