Electric cars have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, and Tesla is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to electric car hire in London. And Tesla Model S and Model X are the two higher-end electric vehicles currently available from the Tesla family, both of these have plenty to offer drivers and even to the riders. Both the Tesla EV models now come with dual motor or tri-motor AWD Plaid options to select from. Let’s begin first with the these two electric car hire specifications first.

Tesla Model S Vs Model X – Electric Car Specifications

Tesla Model S price ranges from From $94,990 whereas the Tesla Model X price ranges from $104,990. Thus, Tesla Model X is the newer edition and costs a bit higher than the other one, i:e the Tesla Model S. Coming to the range covered, the Tesla Model S covers a range of 405 miles whereas the Tesla Model X covers a range of 360 miles. However, the charging for both remains the same – 250kW. But when it comes to speed and performance, the luxury Tesla Model X beats the model S. The speed of Tesla X is 200mph and Model S is 163mph. Both the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S come with standard black interior included but the model X interior has carbon-fibre trim while the Model S interior has Ebony Wood Decor.

Tesla interior model x electric car

Extra Features – Tesla X and S

Tesla Model S – Autopilot mode, App control, carbon fiber trip interior, wireless charger, Sentry mode, tinted glass roof

electric car hire in London

Tesla Model X – Autopilot mode, App control, Ebony wood décor interior, wireless charger, Sentry mode, falcon-wing doors for easy access, flat-folding 3rd-row seats, tinted glass roof, heated massage seats and steering wheel.

One of the most unique and identifying features of the electric car hire Tesla Model X is its attention-grabbing Falcon wing doors which allows easy access to the passengers as well as the drivers. The Tesla Model X is designed to have more seating capacity as well as more cargo space than the standard Tesla Model S.

Which One To Choose – Model X or Model S Electric Car Hire in London?

After reading the above, it’s clear that the Tesla electric car hire will offer you the amazing performance you’re looking for to get you where you need to go. And now it’s quite obvious that Tesla X is a five-seat sedan, while the Model S is a mid-size SUV but both are luxurious. Even both the models have this new horizontal touchscreen display, as well as a second display in the rear seat. When compared with the Tesla Model X, Tesla Model S starts at a slightly lower price but is perfect if you are not looking for larger storage space. When you get an eco-friendly car with high performance and luxury, what else you can ask for! Both the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X are great EVs in the Tesla family, and deliver high performance that attracts a large number of people. Being a sedan the chauffeur-driven Tesla Model S is the most preferred choice among the business executives as it is a comfortable, premium saloon. And if you require extra capacity with enough room and extra seats then Tesla Model X is a no brainer. Choose whatever is required and if still confused, we are happy to help you. Looking forward for electric car hire in London? Contact us for assistance.

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