With numerous taxi/cab companies and ride-hailing apps and so-called black car services, the professional chauffeur service is often misunderstood and confused by many. It becomes difficult for the newbies to find a real luxury chauffeur who offers professional chauffeur services. But the big question here is how to differentiate a luxury chauffeur service from other ride hailing service providers. And what makes luxury chauffeur service so special. The simple answer would be that with luxury chauffeur service you get a lot more than just a pickup and drop. Here are some differences between premium services and ride-hailing / taxi services. Have a look at the key elements:

Basic Elements of a Luxury Chauffeur Service

Professional chauffeurs – Chauffeurs are the key element and backbone of the luxury chauffeur business. A professional chauffeur is a lot more than just a driver. They are English speaking, smartly dressed in a tie and suit. He puts great importance on the safety of the passenger and is a reliable assistant. Furthermore, the privacy of the passenger is maintained at all times and also the confidentiality of the data is maintained when you hire a professional chauffeur.

Premium cars – the brand of cars offered also plays an equally important role. A luxury fleet will always contain top brand vehicles like Mercedes, Rolls Royce,  Range Rover,  BMW,  Bentley etc. The vehicle specifications is also one of the key elements that separates luxury chauffeur service from other ride service providers. 

Mercedes V class Benz

24/7 Support – Another major difference is the 24/7 support which you always get when you hire professional chauffeur service. The chauffeur companies, unlike other ride hailing services, provide consultation and advice for their clients about their trip. You can rely on them completely knowing that your trip is taken care of by the professionals.

Tailored service – Luxury represents customization, flexibility and services tailored to one’s needs. The customization of each service based on the guest’s preference is important for the success of any chauffeur company. Whether it’s demand for a child seat or conference style seating position,  a chauffeur company caters to individual needs which is surely not attainable when you hire from any random ride hailing app. 

Flight monitoring – another important feature offered by professional chauffeur companies is 24/7 flight monitoring. Whether your flight lands early or gets delayed,  with a luxury chauffeur company, you don’t have to worry about waiting for your chauffeur. With flight tracking mechanisms installed in their luxury vehicles, they will always be there on time. 

Meet and Greet – where the random taxi providing company only cares for the pickup and drop, no further assistance will be provided. But with a professional chauffeur service, you’ll get free meet and greet service at the airport with chauffeur waiting with a name board in hand. They will also help you with the luggage while assisting you towards your chosen luxury car.

Private aviation services – this is one such service which is not a cup of tea for all.  With a professional and luxury chauffeur service, you will get the privilege of hiring a private jet transfer so that you will be driven right at the front door of your aircraft and will be treated like a VIP – the service you want and deserve. 

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