Looking for transportation to and from the airport? If you are flying from any of the airports it is quite obvious that you’ll need a vehicle to arrive on time. Ask yourself the following questions before choosing an airport transportation service. The services you hire will not only enable you to reach the airport on time but will also lay the first impression on your business clients.

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If you hire a private airport transportation service, your transportation provider will make sure you arrive on time every time. Fortunately, there are some questions you can ask each service provider to make sure you’re hiring the right one for your job.

Here Are Some Questions You Need to Ask Before Choosing an Airport Transportation Service

List several different airport transfers service providers, ask the same question, and then exclude the services you don’t like. Use these helpful questions below to find a new airport transfer service perfect for your needs.

1. Where are you situated? 

It is quite obvious that you will not choose an airport transfer service just because it is located near your airport. At least that shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

Do you know why? Because they still have to get to your desired destination to pick you up. If your company’s office is 40 miles from the airport, that’s how far the company will have to travel to pick you up. not skilled. You want to find an airport transfer service that is somewhere between your pick up and drop location. This helps reduce mileage (which may cost you money) and ensures timely arrivals and departures to and from the airport.

2. What makes your service different from others? 

It’s okay to go on a word of mouth sometimes but you should make sure that they don’t just answer your questions but also fulfil them.

Ideally, you’d want to hear something like “excellent customer service,” “low cost,” “guarantee,” etc. But any service can say the word, but how do you examine the reality behind it? Only through real examples. Ask them situational questions. For example, Have you ever been delayed? What did you do to cover it up and how did you manage to arrive on time etc. Ask them what sets you apart in service and how you aspire to be different from others!

3. What are your working hours? 

Imagine you received a call to reach London at 2 am and want to instantly book a private London chauffeur or a luxury taxi to Heathrow airport. You need to get there as soon as possible to help them with the project. There is only one problem you don’t live in London. How will you reach there?

Now you have to plan your trip very quickly. You must book a flight and arrange for your airport transportation service to pick you up. Can you say for sure they will be picked up at 2 or 3 in the morning? Ask them. Only a high-quality airport transportation service is just a phone call away as they are available 24/7 for your convenience. Whether you book your pickup two weeks in advance or two hours in advance, they should be able to accommodate your needs.

4. How long have you been in this Chauffeur business?

Experience is everything in this life. The more years they have been in this business, the more credibility they have in the chauffeur business.

If they have enough years, they have the experience and knowledge to adapt to any situation. Making a few changes to your plans will be another day spent in the office. Needless to say, experienced transportation services know the proper driving. They will have the highest standards for the people they trust in transporting their customers (you).

5. Can you track my flight?

To ensure a seamless airport pick-up process for employees and customers, you need to know how quickly can airport transportation services will pick up your VIPs quickly. Part of that involves tracking their flights to make sure they expect to pick them up as soon as they come off the flight. Not arriving at the right time can be a huge inconvenience for your clients and the chauffeur picking them up.

The most reliable services can monitor and track your flight, so whether your flight arrives early or is delayed, you and your client need not worry.

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6. What are your costs? 

Oh yes! Everyone wants to know the answer, but no one wants to ask this honest question. If you try to hover around the bush, you will get a response that also moves around the bush.

Request the service provider the cost of each service directly. It describes what the typical pickup arrangements are and the cost of doing so. If the airport transportation service provider is honest about the cost, you can rest assured that this is a service you can trust. Please inquire about final prices which may include any additional fees, hidden charges etc. If the price is within your budget, then you can keep it on the list. If you are dicey about the price, move on to the next service on the list.

Find an airport transfer service that fits your needs! 

Now that you’ve seen all the right questions about airport transfers, it’s time to find the right one for you! Be sure to read this article on how to prepare for an early morning flight on your way to a big business trip. For more detailed requests, please contact us and we will do our best to help!

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